Sooji Spread On Toast 40-50 mins. 3
Sooji Spread on Toast.
1) Finely chop Spring Onions.
2) Finely chop Capsicum.
3) Finely chop Tomatoes.
4) Finely chop Green Chilies.
5) Grate Carrots & Cheese individually.
6) Cut each bread slices into 4 Pieces(Squares).
1) In a bowl.
2) Add Sooji, Curd, Grated Carrot, chopped Spring Onion, chopped Tomatoes, chopped Capsicum, Green Chilies, Salt & mix well.
3) Heat Oil.
4) Add Udad Dal, let it be change its colour into dark brown.
5) Add this tadka to prepared sooji batter and mix well.
7) Apply this batter on each bread pieces(just like butter or chutney)generously.
8) Heat non-stick riddle (tawa), put little Ghee and toast the base of Bread on medium-low flame till it becomes little crispy.
9) Now turn upside(sooji spread side)down and put little Butter and toast till golden brown.
Serve For: 4 Persons
Total cooking time: 40-50 mins.
Sprinkle grated Cheese as per taste. serve Hot.
Ingredients Quantity Add to Cart
Yogurt ( Dahi ) 7.05 Oz
Green Chilies 6 Piece
Oil 2 Tablespoon
Sandwich Bread 12 Slices
Semolina ( Sooji ) 1.5 Cup
Split Matpe Beans ( Udad Dal ) 1 Teaspoon
Carrot 1 Cup
Chopped Spring Onion 1 Cup
Chopped Tomatoes 0.5 Cup
Chopped Capsicum 0.5 Cup
Cheese As Per Required
Butter As Per Required
Salt As Required to Taste
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